We believe in the Power of Travelling

At Emotional Travel we believe in the power of travelling and nature. We are dedicated to providing individuals a truly rejuvenating travel experience within the nature of Costa Rica. We understand the importance of stepping away from the fast-paced, hectic world and immersing yourself in the remarkable nature of Costa Rica. Our goal is to empower individuals to improve their well-being, escape the stress and problems of daily life, and even counter illnesses, anxiety, and stress. We aim to turn traveling into a healing and rejuvenating power to return home with a renewed sense of self, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Escapes

Our ultimate goal is:

  • To be recognized as the premier provider of holistic and therapeutic travel experiences
  • To be at the forefront of the movement to integrate travel and nature as a form of medicine and cure
  • Personal and exclusive customer service

Selected Hotels

We carefully select hotels that are nestled within pristine natural surroundings, where guests can immerse themselves in a tranquil and harmonious environment. Our selection provides an idyllic setting for individuals to unwind, recharge, and forge a deeper connection with themselves and the surrounding world. These small scale Boutique Hotels prioritize not only physical wellness but also mental well-being and the responsible utilization of natural resources, ensuring a sustainable and enriching experience.

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    We believe in the HEALING power of naturE & TRAVELLING